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Queries the signal from USB/PCI tuner cards and records the programs
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What's new

v3.7 [12 Mar 2019]
- Added support for Unicable II JESS (up to 32 LNBs).
- Fix for initialization error 5 on some devices.

v3.5 [29 Mar 2018]
- LAV codecs v0.71 added (There are some nice improvements on HEVC hardware decoding and DVB-AAC audio, although Windows XP is no longer supported).
- PIP decoding through hardware modules (CAMs) on TBS devices (Experimental).
- Some EPG related problems fixed.
- Minor fixes.

v3.4 [19 Nov 2017]
• Support for TBS HDMI/ASI capture cards (6301,6304, ASI capture, ...)
• LAV filters are updated to latest version (v0.70.1, improvements on H264 & HEVC & LATM AAC) Try to select LAV codecs in DVB Dream video settings window (CTRL G) for all media types, can be helpful if you cannot watch some streams with other codecs. Recommended for Windows 10 users.
• TBS-CI module fixed (CAM should work fine now)
• Several bug fixes

v3.3 [28 Feb 2017]
- Channel scan improvements.
- Several fixes (BISS, BlindScan, StreamReader interface).

v3.2 [31 Dec 2016]
- Several minor improvements in device handling & also in Stream Reader interface.
- Now BISS/Fixed CW keys can be entered through Channel Properties for each channel (new "Keys" tab in Channel Properties window).
- LAV codecs updated to the latest version.

v2.8 [29 Dec 2015]
- VC runtime problem on older Windows versions fixed.
- Occasional startup file I/O eurekalog message fixed.

v2.7 [7 Jun 2015]
v2.7.1 (12.06.2015) What's New
Added ATSC support for BDA devices (experimental, please report on forum if you still cannot get DD to work with ATSC)
Added support for TBS 6205 DVB-T/T2 DVB-C, TBS 6001 DVB-S/S2, TBS 6905
New feature: Codec Downloader
Some fixes for AAC (LATM/LOAS & ADTS streams are handled differently now, and HE-AAC should work well)
Resolution, chroma and Progressive/Interlaced/MBAFF type info is now displayed for all MPEG2, H264(AVC), H265(HEVC) channels
Video bitrate is now calculated on the fly (displayed on status bar)
Some TS record related problems have been fixed
Fixed some LAN streaming deadlock problems
Fixed aspect ratio problems with MadVR (please make sure you install the latest version of MadVR)
CA System (crypto type) filter option for channel list (CTRL L)
* When you need to find the channels which you can decrypt by using your subscription card/plugins etc, you might simply open up channel list options (CTRL L) and select the CA System your system/plugins can decode. For example, pick "All" (All satellites) on the top of channel list, then pick "PowerVU" from the CA list combobox to find / list all PowerVU channels on your scanned satellites
* We provide free life-time DVB Dream full version licenses/serial keys for programmers who develop MDAPI plugin, DD Module, DD device interface for them to test their add-ons on DD freely. Please contact us on forum. We are ready to support your ideas & work. New add-on API functions can be implemented if necessary.
* New theme: Win10 by Bader
* You can use Microsoft codecs or LAV filters for AAC audio
* Please contact us about problems on forum, we are ready to help & work together to fix things.
* This version might change your codec configuration after installing, please re-configure afterwards as you wish. Depending on the codecs you use, you might need to disable/enable "Reset DS after ch-change" option in video options to make channel changes problem-free/fast. If you are a Windows 7 user, please use we recommend Microsoft codecs instead of LAV codecs.

v2.6 [1 Jun 2014]
v2.6a (23.09.2014) What's New
- Max. Symbol Rate limit is now higher
- Now DD doesnt cache EPG while recording, to prevent record problems & some crashes
- Bug fixes

v2.5 [28 Dec 2013]
- PLS codes and sub stream IDs can be stored in INI files now, please check readme.txt in transponders folder (added known 13e , 5w and 45e values)
- TS Record can now record NIT, SDT/BAT, RST, TDT/TOT (need to enable in record options)
- Added "Arrange in mosaic" feature in PIP menu (click on the PIP button at the bottom of DVB Dream window, then "click on Open All", then "click on Arrange in mosaic -> Small" in the PIP button's menu)
- Fixed bug with TBS cards which cause crash while closing app.

v2.2 [18 Mar 2013]
EPG Plus improvements (Tv window, channel logos, right click translate/search in IMDB/Google menu options, remote control support and possible to move between events by keyboard arrow keys.).
Timeshift should work a lot better now
New EPGNumbers module (by X05) will automatically assign channel numbers in the same order as provider's STB / EPG, for most of the European providers. You just need to select which provider you use in module options.
Audio Left/Right channel selection (panning) on channel properties now works (to be used when audio channels have different languages or comments/narrative)
New option "Display only selected satellite in remote tab" in prefences/ch.list
"Assign SIDs to ChNo" Tools menu and scan dialog option. (Useful for North American users, you could just use the remote tab in STB order)
New record file naming options. ($5=ChNo $6=SID $7=SatPos) Possible to include channel numbers in recordings now (It is so as default, if you assign channel numbers in remote tab)
DVB Dream will scan faster when network search is NOT enabled.
Bug fixes
* EPGPlus is now default and EPG cache is enabled by default. So you can disable if you don't use EPG at all. Legacy EPG can be found in Tools/Misc menu as well.
* TBSCI module is now disabled by default, you need to enable it if you use CAM on TBS devices
* You can get a free DVB Dream licence !, if you can help us preparing a package of logo files for EPGPlus module (complete logo files for a satellite), check the related post in DD forum for details.
* You can also get a free DD licence if you can add device support for the (yet) unsupported cards (We will provide sample source code if you can write a simple BDA extension to support diseqc & remote control etc on BDA drivers)
* You can download EPG Channel logos for United Kingdom here:
28.2 East and DVB-T UK (Extract files to dvbdream\modules folder)

v1.7 [17 Nov 2011]
Unicable support added (works only on TBS cards for now)
CI/CAM support for AverMedia (not tested, please confirm)
Support for NetUP devices (Diseqc & CI, not tested)
BDA device error code:14 bug fixed which happens on some devices
Initial installation dialog supports more languages now (Turkish,Greek,Chinese,Arabic,Ukranian,Farsi...)
A few bugs in scheduler fixed
Arabic epg bug fix
Snapshot crash bug fixed
LNB Power Off/On support added (in File menu, works only on TBS and Compro devices for now)
EPG support option added for Israel cable provider HOT.
* If you encounter any problem with EPG text charset, you should pick the correct EPG code page instead of "auto"
* BDA Device options now provides different methods for diseqc (Main Menu->Options->Device Options)
* For unicable, you should select the LNB type as unicable while adding satellites in diseqc dialog
* Unicable and LNB Power Off/On is not supported on all devices. It should work fine on TBS cards with new drivers (these new drivers should be released by TBS in next few days)
* If you are still having problem with diseqc on AverMedia devices, please report. You just need to download latest aver media drivers.
* Kaspersky Antivirus is not recommended since it could be the culprit responsible for des.dll errors due to some false virus alarms / heuristic scan

v1.5 [11 Feb 2009]
Problems with des.dll crash fixed
EVR 16/9 - 4/3 flickering problem fixed
Some character set problems fixed
Some fixes in FreeSat EPG
Module API DDMODAPI_DVB_COMMAND function fixed
Many critical bug fixes

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